The Spiritual Assessment Matrix (SAM) identifies essential inner capacities for PsychoSpiritual growth. The quiz is designed especially to support The Four Virtues.



Is there a cost?
There is no cost. (You might want to purchase The Four Virtues to understand and develop the capacities in more depth.)



How does the Spiritual Assessment Matrix work?
SAM uses a series of self-rating questions. Scores are automatically calculated to give a main plot of your Spiritual Matrix along with four key subscales. Explanations of each dimension and sub-dimensions follow the assessment. The book, The Four Virtues, will provide in-depth explanation and exercises. One might use the scores to identify key strengths as well as trailheads for growth and balance, whether in personal or spiritual development, psychotherapy, education or related uses.



Who will have access to my scores?
Your scores are your own and will not be shared. Scores and demographic information may be used anonymously as a research database. For example, scores might be used to determine whether there is a general difference in scores related to age or gender.



Is this religious?
SAM is designed to assess dimensions that lie at the heart of PsychoSpiritual development. They include universally acknowledged qualities such as wisdom and love and ways of knowing and being that preference no particular religion. These ideas may be equally applied in religious (e.g., spiritual direction) or secular contexts (e.g., public education, psychotherapy, personal growth). SAM assesses deep structures that lie at the root of human PsychoSpiritual integration and complements the book, The Four Virtues.

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